Thailand 4.0 and the Logistics Industry

Over the next three years, the Thai government plans to implement a new traffic system that will determine pricing on selected truck routes. The new system is intended to improve the ease of operation, profitability, and reliability of transportation to northern Thailand, where the bulk of roadworks are expected to take place. To implement the road logistics system, the Government issued orders to implement a number of measures:

1) In the first phase, the transport and road logistics authority will set specific truck pricing for northern Thailand. For example, prices will depend on the traffic corridor;

2) The transport and road logistics authority will set one-way transportation routes that will determine pricing.

The implementation of the logistics system is part of the Thailand 4.0 plan and will only be implemented as long as the logistics requirements of the government and private sectors are met. Further, it is not expected that the road logistics pricing will lead to a reduction in logistics services and improve the efficiency and financial benefits of transportation. After the second phase, the authority will gradually develop the logistics pricing mechanism with the cooperation of the Thai transport authorities and the private sector. In the future, the Thai logistics system is expected to improve logistics service through transportation service enhancement and planning.

The following list presents the logistics industry services that will be regulated and set as one-way transport routes:

  • Five-star logistics service
  • Air transport and logistics logistics service
  • Food processing and logistics service
  • Light manufacturing and logistics service
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedicine, medical equipment, and engineering service
  • Construction and engineering service
  • Electrical, electronics, and transportation service
  • Construction and engineering service – transport and logistics service

Tech and Logistics as one

Another part of Thailand 4.0 is the dawn of the Technology era and one Company in the field of logistics has been marrying the new advances in Technology with the stalwart industry of Logistics. Their goal? To improve the efficiency of the last-mile delivery process. Often considered the most complex and inefficient part of the logistics cycle, Deliveree Thailand has been actively improving this process thanks to superior load management capabilities and immediate access to booking platforms, which facilitate a reduction in less than truckload deliveries.

This not only reduces the overall footprint of their deliveries but also means savings are passed on to the end user. As a Technology driven logistics partner Deliveree have established themselves as one of the main competitors in the Asia region.

The future for both Thailand and Logistics is bright and as with many old format sectors innovation is breeding more competition and better options for end users and businesses alike.