Robotics Gain Ground Inside the Warehouse

By MMH Staff · April 24, 2020

Robotics are being applied at a rapid pace inside our warehouse, distribution center and fulfillment operations around the U.S.—and according to recent reports, there’s a good chance they’re coming to your facility. In fact, the latest forecast shows that shipments of logistics and warehousing robots will grow from 194,000 units in 2018 to 938,000 units annually by 2022.

The labor crunch and the ability of AMRs to offload manual travel are central to this growth, but there are other benefits to robotics besides reducing the labor requirement. Today, vendors tout the synergies of human-to-robot collaboration, ease of system scalability, and the ability to refine storage, order fulfillment and transportation execution as other facets of the robot value proposition.

In this Special Digital Issue, the Logistics Management editorial team has curated some of our best coverage on the robotics market including case study examples that illustrate how early adopters are putting the various available robotic technologies to work in their facilities.

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