Manitoba launches trucking efficiency program

WINNIPEG, Man. – Applications are now being accepted for Manitoba’s Efficient Trucking Program.

The program looks at proposals that will provide rebates for eligible applicants that support retrofits in the transportation sector that help reduce greenhouse gases and fuel consumption.

Applicants can receive a rebate of up to 50% on fuel-saving devices, as well as other technologies, like those that reduce idling.

The Manitoba Trucking Association is pleased to be part of the launch of Manitoba’s Efficient Trucking Program,” said Terry Shaw, executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association. “We appreciate the opportunity to have provided industry insight into the current intake and hope to see future phases of the Program expand on what we believe will be a very successful initiative.”

The program will receive up to $5.9 million through the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund, and the Manitoba government will contribute an equal amount.

The program is being delivered through Red River College, and applicants have until March 31 to apply for the rebate.

“Manitoba is committed to becoming Canada’s cleanest, greenest, and most climate-resilient province. We are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a meaningful, real way, and we are dedicated to helping industry make important energy-saving changes that will benefit both the environment and the economy,” said Sarah Guillemard, minister of conservation and climate. “We believe the trucking industry wants to do their part to reduce carbon emissions, and this program will help us collectively transition to a low-carbon economy, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all Manitobans and Canadians.”