FlowBelow names new CEO

ATLANTA, Ga. – FlowBelow Aero — a Texas-based company that produces aerodynamic systems such as wheel covers — has found a new CEO in someone who was first exposed to the industry though his family’s Toronto-area trucking business.

Richard Ruebusch has 15 years of experience in the automotive sector and 10 years in private equity. That, the company says, equips him to launch the business on “an aggressive path of expansion through organic growth as well as acquisitions.”

Richard Ruebusch, CEO of FlowBelow Aero Inc.

Earlier in his career Ruebusch worked with his family’s trucking operation, while other experience involved heavy-duty products, small engines, and the performance automotive aftermarket.

In past roles he served as president and CEO of North America’s largest steel foundry, and was CEO during the 2015 turnaround of MSD Performance Group, a manufacturer of automotive aftermarket products. Most recently he was CEO of Allied Aerofoam Products, an independent foam fabricator in the U.S.

“FlowBelow has great potential to lead the industry through its reliable and advanced trucking aerodynamic products and I’m eager to move our business forward,” Ruebusch said.

“Rick’s unique mix of experience in finance, sales, marketing and international operations adds great value to FlowBelow and aligns perfectly with our future objectives,” said FlowBelow Aero president and founder Josh Butler.

The company just gained its ISO 14001 environmental designation as well.

“We continue to evolve as an organization,” said Gordon Virginski, vice-president of OEM and dealer programs.

“FlowBelow is actually looking to grow a lot in the next couple of years.”