DSV helps clean up the environment

Each year nine million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean according to The Plastic Pollution Coalition. Some estimates suggest the plastic could remain in marine environments for 450 years or longer, and the problem is only getting worse, as each individual produces approximately two kilos of trash every day – but far from all of it is disposed of properly.

Helping the local environment

The DSV Singapore team was invited by long-term customer and partner DOW to participate in their annual #PullingOurWeight beach clean-up event.

On a beautiful Saturday morning in November, the many voluntary DSV and DOW employees collected debris and recyclables equivalent to more than two kilos per participant.

“It was an honour to participate and thus contribute to our society and the environment,” says Cherie Koh, Key Account Manager, DSV Air & Sea, Singapore, and she continues: “The event heightened our awareness concerning waste and how to properly dispose of it. The participants agreed to bring this awareness back into their homes, office environments etc. and to continue to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

About CSR in DSV

As a global transport and logistics company, we have a global impact – and a great corporate social responsibility. Our CSR efforts are anchored in UN’s Global Compact, effectively dividing our work into the following areas: environment and climate; business ethics; and employees – as well as our own addition community engagement.

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