Corona Virus Accelerating Drone Applications

policedrone_1161x653-1161x630 If necessity is the mother of invention a worldwide pandemic is the mother of cutting through government red tape. Vaccine approvals are basically getting rubber stamped and that’s a good thing. Automated vehicles are ramping up in anticipation of increased demand in this new environment as well. UPS will use drones to fill prescriptions for residents of The Villages in Florida, one of the country’s biggest retirement communities, amid a lock down to halt the corona virus. The time-sensitive deliveries from a CVS store about a half mile away are scheduled to begin early May. Theoretically, the drone hovers above your residence and lowers your prescription via an onboard winch. This will mark the first paid residential delivery by UPS’s drone unit. So, we’re having to get creative and it’s great that the approvals for these relevant technologies are gaining support. There’s no stopping technology. This pandemic has added serious fuel to the advancement of technology in many processes. I wonder if some aspects of the new normal might be surprising. Does it seem like people are absent from the coming technology? It would be great to get some feedback on this. What do you think will be the most interesting change as we transition to the new normal? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Some other interesting Applications of Drones During Covid-19 When you’re locked down, flying can be exhilarating extending your reach and eyes into the sky despite being stuck in your home or apartment. We’ve rounded up some of the more innovative and controversial ways that people, health officials and governments are using drones right now. Virtual Tours Virtual tours via drone are popular in the real estate business. The popular trend now is producing virtual tours of empty cities across America. It’s downright spooky. Identifying, Tracking and Monitoring the Sick The Chinese government has been using drones equipped with thermal sensors to find sick people walking around in public places, according to the Wall Street Journal article from March 10. Certainly, there is interest in the success of this application by other countries. These government drones are now scanning the population to find people, potentially infected with COVID-19, who should not be out and about. Imagine the accuracy and ability to monitor your temperature from 100 feet in the air. Drones could very well be monitoring an area of individuals 24/7. Law Enforcement Britain’s police force has been using drones to capture footage of people flouting the country’s social distancing guidelines and then posting it on social media. Britain has an impressive web of CCTV cameras in several cities. Trained detectives monitor both the drone and static feeds tracking a suspect nearly continuously and in real time. We certainly rely on video evidence in this country, but the British approach is interesting. Walking the Dog Ok, I’m not sure I buy this but apparently it is possible to walk your dog via a drone. Why not. It’s just some GPS coordinates. No different than if you entered the trip as walking. If your dog is any more than 20 pounds you may need a bigger drone. Stay Safe Everyone. I look for to your comments. To stay up to date on these and other Logistics topics subscribe to our blog @ AuthorMichael GaughanTechnology OfficerLand Link Traffic Systems