YRC Freight makes spoke additions to its Regional Next-Day Texas service offerings

By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor · March 11, 2020

YRC Worldwide, which collectively represents the second-largest group of carriers in the $43 billion less-than-truckload (LTL) sector, announced today that it has expanded its YRC Freight Regional Next-Day service in Texas. YRC Freight is the company’s largest subsidiary.

YRC Freight Regional Next-Day Texas service will now include Fort Worth and Garland, with company officials noting that this service expansion marks the most recent step in the YRCW enterprise network optimization strategy. And they added that the YRC Freight Regional Next-Day service connects ten terminals throughout Texas, with San Antonio serving as the hub and the following terminals, including – Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass and now also Fort Worth and Garland, as spokes.

“Through Regional Next-Day service, our customers in Texas can access just-in-time scheduling that offers benefits of lowered inventory cost and fewer supply chain interruptions,” said Scott Ware, YRCW Chief Network Officer, in a statement. “Results have been very successful in the three short months since we launched Regional Next-Day service in Texas, and it’s exciting to be expanding so quickly by adding services in Fort Worth and Garland.”

Company officials stated that YRC Freight is currently performing at or above best-in-class competitors with a greater than 97% on-time performance and a claims ratios of 0.2%.

YRC Freight Regional Next-Day Texas was established in October 2019. When it was introduced, YRC officials described this offering as a best-in-class service with high on-time performance and one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry.

In an October interview, Ware told LM that Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the nation and a key market for YRC Freight customers.

“Adding this YRC Freight Regional Next-Day service in Texas allows us to broaden our YRC Worldwide next-day service portfolio, which includes some of the strongest regional providers – Holland, New Penn, and Reddaway,” he said.

In terms of benefits this service provides for YRC Freight shipper customers, Ware cited the familiar phrase “time is money,” as it relates to supply chain costs.

“Next-day service allows shippers to cut inventory and warehouse costs,” explained Ware. “While beta testing this service across thousands of shipments, it provided customers with a 97% or higher on-time performance record and a .002% claims ratio.”

Ware also noted that YRC Freight did not previously focus on next-day service in this market.

“This is a new and improved service effort, which is part of the YRC Worldwide overall network optimization plan,” he said.

YRC Freight’s network optimization plan was originally implemented in May 2013. Company officials said the plan’s focus centers on enhancing efficiencies by increasing network density, reducing shipment touches, and reducing the number of empty miles.

March 11, 2020