What to Know About Importing PPE and Why to Trust Dedola Global Logistics

Dedola has been helping companies import PPE since before the pandemic. When the pandemic hit the U.S., and we started to lockdown, we were able to help both our clients and prospects meet the increased demand. Our over four decades in logistics meant we had the knowledge, systems, and long-established relationships with manufacturers overseas to source and transport the vital PPE.

Navigating PPE Regulations

Importing PPE was and is still difficult. It’s not as simple as importing other commodities. We have the expertise and the know-how to get your goods cleared through customs, walking you through the regulations both at origin and destination. Dedola can assist you with the U.S. federal guidelines and the, primarily Chinese, origin port requirements. Without the correct guidance and adherence to domestic and foreign rules, your goods run the risk of delays, running up costs, and eating into profits. We can help you get FDA approved, guiding you and your suppliers through the registration process.

Now more than ever, knowing all the ever-changing and ever-stricter requirements is crucial to your success. For instance, we know the proper packaging and internal documentation PPE shipments must-have. We can help mitigate the risk of your goods being delay –or rejected entirely!

We make sure your cargo clears load port customs, avoiding dead freight charges –which can exceed $50,000. We pre-clear your PPE shipments with the FDA before we ever book a flight for you. We take extra steps to optimize the process. When your cargo arrives, we have trucks at the ready to keep your shipments moving to their final destination.

Air Freight and Ocean Freight PPE Options

Shipping by air is expensive. We can save you thousands by using expedited ocean carriers and pre-clear your shipment while they are still on the water. Once they arrive, we provide a full range of services other forwarders may not. Warehousing, palletization and shrink wrapping, and distribution are all part of Dedola’s end-to-end solution. For example, we’ve help LCL importers by advising them to avoid shipping out of Shanghai. There is a high likelihood of a full-container exam that delays all members of the consolidation. We consult with you one-on-one and advise the most optimal route for your product.

Shanghai Operations

Dedola is exceptional in that we have a Shanghai office with support staff –providing “boots on the ground.” We consider this the backbone of our Chinese and Asian operations. Our team maintains continual communications with Chinese customs, ensuring your cargo meets all standards and regulations before they reach the port of loading.

Our staff ensures that PPE is correctly identified, labeled, and marked to spec. We go above and beyond to make sure the source and purpose of your PPE products are clear to the Chinese government to avoid delay or rejection.

Global Network for Importers Going Above and Beyond

We have worked diligently to establish a network that is second to none in the industry. We have rock-solid, decades-long relationships with Chinese suppliers, brokers, and carriers. This established history in the trade allows us to go beyond the regular scheduled flights and sailings. We’ve successfully chartered flights when speed to market has been imperative –delivering urgently needed supplies to companies and first-responders in the U.S.

We have quickly established ourselves as the go-to logistics company for shipping PPE. We have the resources and the know-how. We have the network and the expertise. We deliver.

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