The ’72 Mustang and Customs High-Efficiency User Experience

Today’s supply chain – and world – is different. While we wish we could be out meeting you this summer, we have created a new place for us to connect, where you can learn more about supply chain topics and meet some of our subject matter experts through video conversations.

That’s right – we’re branching out to network with you online until we can meet again virtually or in-person – with the Outer Branch. The Outer Branch is a virtual meeting spot of sorts, a video series covering various supply chain topics, and we are sure there is something that you can find beneficial to you and your business.

Our first episode features Michelle Frennier, Director of Solution Consulting and licensed customs broker, who covers customs declarations, international trade, and how creating a high-efficiency user experience allows customers to focus on core competencies.

Michelle outlines how BluJay has you covered with Customs Management and details how our solutions create a self-adapting compliance engine for seamless multi-country customs declaration filings.

Aside from providing one partner for global and local trade expertise, our customs and trade compliance solutions provide the following advantages:

Focus on your expertise – By focusing on your core competencies, you can let BluJay’s Customs Management do the heavy lifting for your process. Our system creates a high-efficiency user experience and lets you focus on where you bring value to your business.

Measure internal KPIs for your business – This includes all types of brokers, and slows the amount of clicks and getting the system to do the work for you.

Local and regional customs experts around the world – Our team follows a standardized process that bridges the gap between customs authorities and development to quickly adapt the software to change.

While we would love to keep explaining how Customs Management helps your business stay agile and compliant in a dynamic trade environment, you can instead watch the video and listen to Michelle explain it!

For more tips on how to come out of the curve ahead, explore our Outer Branch page or reach out to one of our experts today.

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