STA urges fair treatment of drivers during Covid-19 crisis

by Today’s Trucking

April 1, 2020

REGINA, Sask. – The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) released a statement today calling for the fair treatment of truck drivers during the Covid-19 crisis.

As drivers frantically continue to transport essential goods to communities across the province, and entire country, governments at the same time are implementing further restrictions to help curb the coronavirus pandemic, and drivers are struggling to find basic services while on the road.

“Truck drivers are essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and if it were not for them the economy would come to a grinding halt,” said STA executive director Susan Ewart. “Goods and services would not be picked up and moved to ensure the Saskatchewan shelves are stocked. It is important to be respectful around the needs of the drivers and allowing them access to washrooms is critical.”

Several reports and feedback from drivers have pointed to a lack of access to basic services, such as washrooms, a place to rest, even food.

The STA says when shipper warehouses deny access to washroom facilities, drivers are put at greater risk, as the health community urges people to wash their hands regularly to avoid contracting or passing on the novel virus.

To this end, the STA urges the supply chain to come together and support each other, including drivers loading and delivering freight at various locations.

The association applauds those who have taken extraordinary measures to accommodate drivers with the continued closure of several restaurants and other facilities. Some have invested in portable washroom facilities, and others are offering food to drivers.Saskatchewan Trucking Association