Partnering with a Logistics Specialist Brings Major Benefits

October 14, 2020 | By Thomas Griffin

Tags: 3PL, Partnership, Customer Service

Q: What are the customer’s benefits of working with a large, experienced logistics company versus one that is part of a diversified organization?

A: The most obvious benefit to the customer is that logistics is their specialty. When you work with a logistics company that is part of a large, diversified business, their focus is distributed across all of the businesses and industries that fall under their umbrella.

The 3PL platform that is part of a large logistics company can count on their parent organization’s depth of knowledge of the logistics industry, which leads to greater support in a variety of areas.

Q: What areas would be better supported by an experienced logistics company?

A: One area that would be better supported would be technology. They would have a better grasp of the importance of a robust TMS system with real-time pricing and reporting capabilities, and would back ongoing enhancements to the programming.

Another area would be providing more agility and flexibility when dealing with unexpected issues such as capacity shortages, carrier challenges, or, let’s say, a global pandemic.

A focused logistics business has experienced the same or similar challenges already, and will jump in to provide the support required to handle such issues as they arise. This would enhance the service levels provided by the 3PL to their customers.

Q: How does working with a specialized logistics company with extensive experience enhance customer service?

A: Receiving robust support from an experienced logistics company allows shippers to provide their own customers with more responsive service.

Generally speaking, shippers benefit from using a 3PL company for their shipping needs by streamlining their processes, saving money, and achieving greater flexibility by leveraging better economies of scale. And if the 3PL operates through a nationwide Agent Station model, like we do at DLS Worldwide, you will find a partner who is familiar with key local vendors as well as the “who” that can make things happen as needed in local markets.

The backing of a large, experienced logistics business provides the additional support to make the customer experience more seamless.

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