Paccar Parts names 2020 Peterbilt Parts Council

RENTON, Wash. – Paccar Parts has appointed the 2020 Peterbilt Parts Council. There are two Canadians in the panel.

The council empowers Peterbilt dealerships across Canada and the U.S. to pursue successful business development opportunities.

Through this collaboration, the council and the company maximize customer uptime and provide the highest quality customer service, Paccar Parts said Wednesday.

The members of the 2020 council are: Chairman – Michael Beeghly, The Peterbilt Store (Richmond, Va.); Ryan Saner, The Larson Group (Strafford, Mo.); Lee Anderson, Jackson Group Peterbilt (Salt Lake City, Utah); Derek Lanahan, Rush Peterbilt Truck Center (Oklahoma City, Okla.); Mike Warburton, Doonan Peterbilt (Great Bend, Kan.); Whitt Michael, Rush Enterprises (New Braunfels, Texas); Brandan Cobb, Hunter Peterbilt (Pittsburgh, Pa.); John Ball, The Peterbilt Store (Columbia, S.C.); Howie Poirier, Cervus Equipment Peterbilt (Stoney Creek, Ont.); and Brent Lawrence, Stahl Peterbilt (Edmonton, Alta.).

“Over the coming year, the council will focus on optimizing existing programs and services and finding new, innovative ways to maximize uptime for Peterbilt customers,” said Danny Landholm, Peterbilt national sales manager, Paccar Parts.