New Pop-Up Fleet offering from GlobalTranz focuses on shippers’ capacity needs

By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor · September 11, 2020

With an eye on helping shippers that are dealing with fluctuating freight rates and tight capacity in volatile markets, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based GlobalTranz Enterprises LLC, a full-service 3PL focused on freight brokerage and technology, recently announced it has introduced a new offering, entitled Pop-Up Fleet Solutions.

GlobalTranz said that Pop-Up Fleets is geared towards high-volume shippers and shippers with private fleets needing supplemental capacity and whose customers have high service requirements, short lead times and strict on-time delivery requirements. And it added that the GlobalTranz team works consultatively with shippers to understand their needs and service requirements, and to quickly develop a Pop-Up Fleet solution at pre-set rates, eliminating the need to manage multiple brokers to cover loads. What’s more, the company noted that the Pop-Up Fleet solution helps shippers to control costs by minimizing their exposure to the truckload spot market.

GlobalTranz Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions Ross Spanier told LM that there were various drivers leading up to the rollout of the Pop-Up Fleet solution.

“There are many challenges playing a role in the increased demand for capacity in today’s market—the COVID-19 pandemic, surge in e-commerce, and the upcoming peak holiday shopping season, to name a few,” he said. “To support customers as they navigate these market conditions, GlobalTranz introduced our Pop-Up Fleets solution. Essentially, the solution offers our customers dedicated truckload capacity at consistent rates, so supply chain disruptions don’t put their business on hold.”

And he added that spot rates are continuing to rise and are now tracking towards higher levels than 2017.

“With the truckload market moving fast, GlobalTranz’s Pop-Up Fleets solution has proven to be vital in supporting high-volume customers as they work to keep pace with peak season demand,” he said. “With ecommerce sales expected to increase by 18% this holiday shopping season, it’s crucial for shippers to have dedicated capacity at predictable rates to accommodate this increase in freight.”

As for what this provides for shippers, Spanier pointed to how Pop-Up Fleets provide supplemental capacity for high-volume shippers.

“The solution offers dedicated capacity that allows shippers to meet customer demand while avoiding exposure to the spot market,” he explained. “In a temperamental market, dedicated fleets ensure loads are covered quickly, providing a solution that controls costs and eliminates the need for managing multiple brokers to cover loads. As peak season kicks into high gear, the Pop-up Fleets solution helps customers keep things running as close to business-as-usual as possible. By leveraging our network of over 34,000 truckload carriers, GlobalTranz is uniquely positioned to offer customers guaranteed capacity at locked-in rates.”

And he also stated that in times of market volatility, Pop-Up fleets are a perfect solution for shippers with high volumes and repetitive movements or overflow volumes from their traditional routing guide needs.

“We work with our extensive carrier network to negotiate consistent rates and align the right resources with our shippers’ needs, ensuring both access to capacity and high levels of service,” he said. “With the 2020 peak season starting earlier than ever, we are already helping customers create Pop-Up fleets to better manage their surging shipment volumes.”

September 11, 2020