Logistics and Forwarding Services You Might Not Have Realized We Offer

sGlobal shipping logistics rely on the combination of services, vendors, and shippers to successfully and efficiently organize the transportation of cargo shipments across the world. Physically moving a product from the manufacturer to its final destination and assessing the costs, risks, and timelines associated with your shipment takes time.

Dedola Global Logistics offers all-in-one solutions for shippers and businesses, providing support in all areas of logistics. In addition to providing excellent customer service for general shipping needs, we also offer a number of related and auxiliary services that can help facilitate your shipping experience.

Duty Rate Analysis

When importing or exporting items to or from different countries, a tariff and duties may apply. Duties are applicable when importing goods into the United States. We can help you accurately estimate the applicable duty rates for your goods and make recommendations to reduce your duty fees when identified. Our experienced licensed customs broker will assist you in getting all this information so you can plan effectively.

Online Shipment Tracking

When you ship, you want to have eyes on your shipment at all times. Our online shipment tracking system, TrackIt, enables you to see the status of your order in real-time. This state-of-the art tool enables you to keep your internal and external customers abreast of order status, see potential issues before they become problems, save time, and gives you peace of mind. Not all freight forwarders offer this type of tracking. Often times, they either do not have visibility of your shipment or they have to send you archaic or simplistic updates. Dedola empowers you with full tracking transparency.

Single Point of Contact Service

Many steps are involved in packing, evaluating, loading, shipping, and unloading shipments that move across the world. To keep this process streamlined, all the agents working on your shipments must be responsive and working with the rest of the supply chain.

Make your life easier using Dedola Global Logistics as your single point of contact (SPOC) for all these services. Your dedicated customer service agent will provide you answers and updates through the entire process while our team handles your cargo from origin to destination. Rest assured, you will always be able to reach a person who understands your needs and is staying on top of your shipments. Our staff will go above and beyond because that’s the Dedola Difference.

Consolidation Services

Not all shippers have a large enough supply chain to ship an entire container-worth of goods. In such cases, we consolidate with goods from other shippers to fill a container. By shipping an entire container, we significantly reduce costs and maintain more control over the shipments. Not all freight forwarders have the means and know-how to do this for you. This is why many companies choose to ship with Dedola. They simply do not want to work with several different vendors for every phase of their supply chain.

ACH Setup for Customers

For customers who have ongoing shipments or a consistent supply chain, Dedola Global Logistics also offers an easy ACH setup. ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is an electronic system for making payments to US Customs. Fill out an application, receive a payer number, and use the system to pay taxes, duties, and fees with a single payment.

Marine/Cargo Insurance

During their travel from factory to destination, shipments can get damaged or lost. It is crucial to have adequate insurance, so you experience minimal disruption in your supply chain. We offer several types of insurance, ranging from policies that cover general average, weather issues, failures in the shipping vessel, improper handling, war and civil strife, and more. We will help you find the right insurance for your specific needs. For this affordable peace of mind, we always recommend purchasing cargo insurance.


Bonds serve as an insurance policy to the customs department that an importer will make their payments correctly. Without having the correct coverage, your shipment could face delay and additional fees.

A bond is required for shipments entering the US valued over $2,500 traveling by sea or air. Two kinds of bonds can be purchased: A single-entry bond, or a continuous bond for those who ship goods regularly. If you are shipping at least a few times a year, you will want a continuous bond. We can help you get that setup and explain why it’s in your best interest.

Online Customer Service Chat

In addition to being professionals in the shipping industry, our team at Dedola Global Logistics are experts in customer service. You will have a dedicated member of our staff working with you before, during, and after your shipment. Your shipment information is private between you and your agents/partners/suppliers and is never shared in the public domain.

We believe it is essential for our staff to be familiar with your business, giving them the ability to recommend solutions to help you optimize your supply chain. We also provide our customers with a global network of overseas representatives to ensure that wherever your cargo is, we can help it reach its final destination. Our online chat serves a dual purpose. Prospective clients can reach out to us via chat if they have a burning question while they are browsing our website. We prefer you call us but the chat is there for the times you can’t talk and want a quick answer. The chat is monitored by our entire Operations and Sales departments so you have access to a wealth of knowledge. This way we can address your question from several well-informed perspectives. The chat can also function as a way to quickly ask a question if you’re a current client.

Last Word

At Dedola Global Logistics, we know how to make a difference in shipping. The physical transportation of goods is only one part of the job. Working with our customers to create easy, streamlined shipping experiences at competitive costs is our top priority.

Dedola Global Logistics is your premier choice for an all-in-one shipping partner. Find out about the Dedola Difference by speaking to one of our representatives at 562-594-8988.

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