Highlight opens new repair shop

by Today’s Trucking

May 25, 2020

CONCORD, Ont. – Highlight Motor Group has opened a new repair shop, connected to its head office.

The facility sits on more than two acres of land and has 22 bay doors. It will offer repairs, maintenance, oil changes, safety inspections, truck and trailer alignments, tires, washing stations and more, the company announced.

(Photo: Highlight Motor Group)

“This was in the works for almost two years and our whole team is so happy with how things came together,” said Kirk Kalinitchenko, president and CEO of Highlight Motor Group. “The coolest part about this is that the launch aligns with the Highlight Motor Group anniversary which celebrated its grand opening back on May 22 of 2007.”

Highlight expects the new facility to create more than 70 jobs, including truck and trailer mechanics and parts advisors.

The facility is running two shifts, seven days a week, and will move to 24/7 operations later this year.