Here’s How Easy It Is to Switch Forwarders

International logistics and freight forwarding can be challenging, requiring intricate planning and subject to many international laws and regulations. You need an experienced logistics provider that communicates with you, to help you navigate, and who you can count on to transport your goods securely and efficiently.

You may be reading this blog because your needs aren’t being met by your current provider, and you are looking for a better option. You may also be concerned that changing providers will be difficult, even painful —but it’s easier than you think.

Dedola Global Logistics (DGL) has been providing logistics services worldwide for over 44 years. Our proactive approach to logistics and freight forwarding is a primary reason for our longevity and success. We stay on the cutting edge of tech and remain current on import/export regulations, and will give you best-in-class service and guidance.

Whether for full container load or less-than-full container load shipping, we take the utmost care to ensure that your goods get delivered. We shepherd each consignment entrusted to us from their origin to destination in-tact and on time.

Switch Now – It’s Easy as 1-2-3

We have all the processes in place for a seamless transition to superior service. Here’s what you do, step by step —and there aren’t that many steps!

Step 1 – Contact one of DGL’s Account Executives to discuss your needs. If we can help then…

Step 2 –We’ll give you a rate quote, and if we’re both happy with the terms, then…

Step 3 –We send you a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), which you will send to us and your suppliers nominating DGL’s network. We will contact your suppliers to coordinate a smooth transition.

That’s it.

The onboarding process involves some paperwork for customs and an SOP meeting to establish and fine-tune your routing and paperwork requirements. Afterwhich all key staff will be informed about your company’s and suppliers’ specific needs and expectations.

What do you get when you work with DGL?

All logistics services from palletization and consolidation at origin and transport through all modes through ISF filings, customs clearance, and distribution.

A dedicated account representative backed by a support team, providing 24/7 communication.

Access to C-Level execs to strategize and consult with when needed.

State-of-the-art, web-based tracking, tracing, and analysis dashboards that give you complete shipment visibility and create greater efficiency so your business can scale without the usual friction. All milestones, paperwork, and negotiable documents are just a click away.

Last-mile, white-glove service that ensures that your shipment is transported safely by all modes to its destination. Switch to Dedola Global Logistics

Over the years, DGL has served over 100 industries, 20,000 customers, and has transported over 1 million full container loads.

DGL’s mission is to optimize your supply chain. We provide industry-leading customer service and give you access to unparalleled logistics expertise so you can focus on achieving greater success.

You deserve a logistics provider that’s customer-focused and reliable. Switch to DGL and discover the Dedola Difference

For a free consultation to discuss your freight forwarding needs, call (562) 594-8988 today.