Covid-19 Operations: Highway Western Star (update)

by Highway Western Star

June 5, 2020

It is very hard to believe the last couple of months since the start on Covid-19 affecting the way we conduct business daily. With that said, we needed to implement changes to enable us to limit the risk of spreading the virus. Physical Distancing has now become a part of the day to day language and is proving to be an effective tool in combating the spread of the virus.

Therefore, we have taken steps to limit direct contact in our facilities. Effective Monday June 8th we will allow customers to enter the buildings at the Ayr and Guelph locations. We have remained open the whole time but have been meeting in the parking lot over the last two months, so this is a positive and welcome change for all of us.

• The sales department is available via email, phone or in person meetings. We do ask that you schedule an appointment via phone or email so that we are able to properly practice physical distance measures.• Parts and service departments are fully open, and customers can now enter the facility to conduct business.• Admin is available by phone and email and available to meet with you at Ayr facility, but we do ask you schedule an appointment, so we areable to properly practise physical distance measures.• All vendors must call in to the parts department and answer questions before entering. If allowed in the building vendors will have to first visitthe front parts counter and fill out a form with personal info and answer pertinent questions so we can protect our customers and employees.

Please follow the following precautions if you need to visit our facilities:

• If you do not need to visit in person, please utilize the phone or email so we limit amount of people in buildings.• If you are sick, please respect our employees and stay away.• If you have just returned from traveling and have not self isolated for 14 days, please respect our employees and stay away.• If in a group, only one person in the building at a time will be allowed in.• Wash hands with hand sanitizer at entrance when entering and leaving.• Respect the health recommendation distance of 2 meters (6’) in all areas and we have marked counters and floors to make it easier.• Listen to the Health Canada recommendations.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH: Our team members will not be allowed to return to work if they have had exposure COVID-19 patient or if they have symptoms until they have self-quarantined per Health Canada recommendations.

SANITIZATION: Our staff will be cleaning the dealership daily to fully disinfect our stores. Our team has been instructed to routinely sanitize high touch surface areas throughout the day which includes common areas and other high traffic parts of the dealership.

VEHICLES: We will use gloves along with seat covers & floor mats to minimize contact with your vehicle. These will be removed before the vehicle is returned. Every vehicle will be wiped down with disinfectant products after each customer or employee interaction. When leaving remember to sanitize keys.

We feel we have taken the appropriate steps to help protect our employees and our customers. That means you will still see plexiglass shields at all customer contact points and I have attached some pictures for your review. Our employees will maintain their commitment to social distancing, and we will count on you to do the same.

We appreciate your business and are committed to serving you professional and safely!

SincerelyHighway Western Star | Jeff Cassidy – PresidentMain Branch | 1021 Industrial Rd Ayr, ON N0B1E0 (Hwy 401 & 97 Exit 268)P: 519 740-2405 EXT 431 | TF: 800 487-7584 | C: 519 591-5901 |Guelph Branch | 150 Regal Rd Guelph, ON N1K1B9P: 226 780-0119 | TF: 800 487-7584 |