Collaboration Is Vital For a Successful 3PL Relationship

3pl2Much like personal relationships, the relationship between an organization and its third-party logistics provider requires effort from both parties to stay productive, healthy, and strong. A 3PL cannot expect to provide services without catering them specifically to their client’s needs, and an organization cannot expect to run their logistics operation hands-free. It takes communication and constant collaboration to run a smooth, successful supply chain and promote positive growth for the client’s business as a whole. It will take a long-term commitment from both parties to create a successful partnership. Set Expectations & Monitor for ResultsIf you want to run a successful business, you need to set measurable goals and plan for how your team will achieve them. With the help and advice from a trusted 3PL, your internal logistics management team can set agreed upon benchmarks that are measured and monitored. KPI’s; The Gold Standard At Land Link Traffic SystemsMany years ago, the founder of Land-Link Traffic Systems Inc. stressed the following. “What does not get measured, does not get fixed”. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for any rational person to repudiate this thought-provoking statement and important underlying principle of business. Yet, many companies do just that. Most companies, in fact, do not have the proper measurements and KPIs in place necessary to drive intelligent business decisions and to serve as support to the policies that are relied upon to drive day to day business activities.Do not be one of those companies. Land-Link can help you support your business and gain and maintain competitive advantage through effective performance measurements. Leverage the data collected as a result of Land-Link’s freight audit and payment process. At last count, approximately 130 data elements are collected for every processed transaction, inclusive of a downloaded Bill of Lading record. Data-base management Support of Key Performance Indicators deemed important by your organization. Ongoing measurement and reporting Ad-Hoc and One-time special analytics supported ACCESS Database and customized reporting Dynamic Dashboard Technologies designed to put the power of analytics and KPI reporting right at your fingertips, an exciting and innovative departure from typical, static structured “reports”. Communication Is Critical Communication needs to happen between all individuals along the supply chain, including your company’s team and the 3PL’s support team, so that issues are noted and quickly resolved and proactive problem-solving can take place. When results fall below everyone’s expectations, carriers, shippers, manufacturers and more need to be alerted in a timely manner to avoid potential failures in the supply chain such as; Patterns of late carrier pickup and delivery Mis-managed claims Inaccurate or incomplete pickup or delivery information Inaccurate estimations on shipment weight and class A proactive approach to common operational conditions will ensure a reliable supply chain. The 3Pl relationship relies upon communication, measurable performance initiatives and a trusted relationship. Land-Link’s management team and staff of professionals are well positioned to provide the guidance and support that you need to gain and maintain competitive advantage within your industry through successful execution of your supply chain and logistics programs. Founded in 1978 we have amassed decades of logistics experience. We offer that wisdom and experience to your organization. Contact us today for a review of your existing supply chain policies and protocols. Stay Safe Everyone. To stay up to date on these and other Logistics topics subscribe to our blog @ AuthorMichael GaughanTechnology OfficerLand Link Traffic Systems