Atlanta Hits the Spot

January 31, 2020 | via Felecia Stratton

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Atlanta, Georgia, takes the proper spot as the simplest market to locate spot truckload van freight in 2019, in keeping with a DAT options file.

because spot freight is unscheduled, it can also be a advantageous indicator of financial endeavor. Take a look on the accurate 10 markets in 2019 for outbound truckload freight by means of equipment classification.

Van masses

1. Atlanta, Georgia

2. Ontario, California

three. Dallas, Texas

4. Houston, Texas

5. los angeles, California

6. Elizabeth, New Jersey

7. Chicago, Illinois

8. Indianapolis, Indiana

9. Joliet, Illinois

10. Columbus, Ohio

Refrigerated hundreds

1. Fresno, California

2. Atlanta, Georgia

three. Ontario, California

four. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. l. a., California

6. San Francisco, California

7. Elizabeth, New Jersey

8. Joliet, Illinois

9. Chicago, Illinois

10. Dallas, Texas

Flatbed loads

1. Houston, Texas

2. Dallas, Texas

three. Cleveland, Ohio

four. Atlanta, Georgia

5. castle worth, Texas

6. Joliet, Illinois

7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

8. los angeles, California

9. Chicago, Illinois

10. Lakeland, Florida