Aspiring female truck drivers get assistance in Saskatchewan

by Today’s Trucking

September 1, 2020

SASKATOON, Sask. – The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) and YWCA of Saskatoon are launching the first Women Shifting Gears 12-week training program to help women obtain a Class 1A licence and launch a career behind the wheel.

“We are beyond excited to be able to bring this program to Saskatchewan,” said Susan Ewart, STA executive director. “Over the last year we have explored the idea of creating a women-focused Class 1A program. We are pleased to partner with an established community leader in our province, the YWCA of Saskatoon, to help us deliver a pilot program beginning in October 2020.”

(Photo: iStock)

“The YWCA Saskatoon has a long history of removing barriers for women and that’s why we’re so pleased to be working with the STA to offer women more opportunity in the workplace,” added Cara Bahr, CEO of the YWCA Saskatoon. “We believe that a strong economy is dependent on innovation and partnership, this a great example of both.”

The program will support and train women to obtain their commercial driver’s licence, and will also help them to find jobs in the industry.