5 Signs You May Need a More Modern Supply Chain Solution

Like the supply chain itself, applications are constantly changing. Are yesterday’s applications preventing your organization from reaching its full potential? Simply planning a load or optimizing a pick path isn’t enough today.

Today, companies need supply chain execution applications that integrate within your network, leveraging data from the ecosystem to provide easier access to services and collaboration with partners and carriers. With a platform like this, you can increase capacity, boost efficiency, and get lots of data that you can leverage to improve operations and customer experience.

How to get started? Evaluate the situation by asking, “does our technology provide these benefits, or is our current system holding us back?” To help in the process, we’ve assembled a guide with five signs that you may need a more modern solution. Have you experienced any of the following?

Your customers get annoyed with you – As the world moves toward smaller shipments, everyone wants to know where their orders are. The key? Visibility. Visibility into inbox and outbound shipments is key to meeting these expectations and for building trust.

Only two people in the world understand your system, and they’re both about to retire – Hopefully you aren’t still relying on legacy, custom-configured technology, because if you are, odds are the people that built it will be retiring soon. Take a proactive approach to sunsetting the technology before the people who understand it aren’t around to maintain it, and you’re left with a system that could become a black box with your data locked inside.

Transportation costs are eating up your profit margins – You already know that transportation takes up a big chunk of doing business. Cutting and controlling these costs is a key to surviving and thriving. A modern transportation management system, such as BluJay’s Transportation Management, leverages data to help make better decisions in the moment and works over time to pinpoint opportunities for long-term savings.

You can’t execute on new ideas and opportunities – A frictionless supply chain allows you to quickly act on new opportunities. Today’s customers want parcels, cross-border trade, and last-mile delivery, and if your existing system doesn’t support those options, you can end up with disappointed customers.

Your inventory and inventory-handling costs are too high – Without visibility into when inbound shipments are coming from suppliers, more safety stock must be carried to help ensure enough inventory. On the flip side, improving inbound visibility allows you to reduce inventory, which will help remove cost from your supply chain.

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We can help move your current system onto a streamlined, cloud-based platform that delivers low-cost, flexible support, and visibility into your supply chain. If you’ve been considering moving on from a legacy system, contact us to help make your supply chain frictionless today.

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